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March 21, 2012

Easter Cake Inspiration

With Easter coming up I'd just like to give you guys some inspiration for an Easter treat. One of my favourite cake pans out there in the wonderful world of Wilton is this cake pan they like to call a "Checkerboard Cake Set". It comes with three 9 inch pans and the dividing ring.
Why wouldn't you love this cake pan i mean like you can get chocolate and vanilla in the same cake!!!! Amazing i know. But with all seriousness i also like to use it for an Easter cake.

I would make a plain white cake and then separate them into 3 different bowls and colour them with colour gels. The end result i think is a really nice for a fun Easter cake.


  1. how much does this cost?

    also is there any other brands that sell this?

    1. this costs about 16$ dependeding on where you buy it. I usually buy my products from micheals so you can use one of thier weekly coupons (these can be found online at thier website) and these will usually be about 40% off. And I am not familiar with an other brands that would sell this product.